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The Chui Mui Si Tum video by Preeti Jhangiani is back online. Do you still remember it?

<p>With her series Kafas on Sony Liv, Preeti Jhangiani is back on television. The actress had appeared in a popular music video before making her feature film debut in Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein. The video, Chui Mui Si Tum, has reappeared on Twitter and is giving youngsters from the 1990s nostalgia.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-65567″ src=”×422.jpg” alt=”” width=”1226″ height=”690″ srcset=”×422.jpg 750w,×576.jpg 1024w,×432.jpg 768w,×864.jpg 1536w,×220.jpg 390w,×84.jpg 150w, 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 1226px) 100vw, 1226px” /></p>
<p>A journalist posted the video on Twitter, where it received several responses from music fans. “#PreetiJhangiani is back in the news, now serving as the President of People’s Armwrestling Federation India,” stated the tweet. And now I’m going on a journey down memory lane to remember how Preeti, then 17, rose to fame overnight thanks to the Rajshri music release Yeh Hai Prem (1997), a whole family tale! #Abbas #ChhuiMuiSiTum.</p>
<p>In the ad, Abbas was portrayed as a young guy spending the weekend with his family when he notices the neighbour, represented by Preeti. She ultimately falls in to his advances while he is still there, smiles, and even offers him a little koala teddy bear clip. After seeing this film, millennials would understand why these teddies sold like hotcakes. In addition to JD and Sudha Chandran, the video also features JD.</p>
<p>Twitter rejoiced in discovering the sentimental video once again. Oh, I’d forgotten about this. I appreciate you bringing back those memories. What a fury this song and this music video became. It was like the golden age of independent music. I believe cinema music had lost its allure for a while until Rahman brought it back,” one person commented. “The charm & sweetness on her face! Another person remarked, “Back then, the little teddy bear became a great retail craze. “Preeti Jhangiani was always going to make it to the top level, in my opinion. He was handsome, commanding, and voiced well. Why did it go wrong? When she appeared in the movie “Mazhavillu,” she also gained fame in Kerala, a commenter said.</p>
<p>Preeti, who is making her debut with Rajshri, discussed the video with HT in an interview from January. “I started out with big production houses, right from my first music video with Rajshri Productions to my film debut with Yash Raj Films,” the actress stated. My experience as an actress has also been fantastic. I had the good fortune to work with the largest brands and banners despite never coming from the business. Even my Telugu debut with Pawan Kalyan was a replica of Jo Jeeta Wo Sikander. I collaborated with a lot of other well-known actors, such as Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Govinda, and JP Dutta.</p>
<p>The Pro Panja League, which focuses on arm wrestling, is now operated by Preeti and her husband, fellow actor Parvin Dabas.</p>

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