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The Internet is laughing out loud at an IAS officer’s refund after a flight cancellation

<p>Rahul Kumar, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) official, had to pay a high fee when he opted to cancel his travel, which he learned the hard way. When Kumar uploaded an image of the little reimbursement he got for canceling his ticket, netizens found it amusing.</p>
<p>The picture shows that Kumar originally paid Rs 13,820 for the ticket after using an E-Coupon to save Rs 1,138. The cancellation-related deductions, however, came to Rs 13,800. The cancellation charge for the airline was Rs 11,800, while the cancellation fee for the GI was Rs 1,200. The airline further subtracted extra Rs 800 as the GI Convenience Fee, a non-refundable price component. In the end, the IAS official only shared Rs 20 of the return money.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-71671″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1382″ height=”691″ srcset=” 318w,×75.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1382px) 100vw, 1382px” /></p>
<p>Please advise some wise investing strategies for my refund, Kumar said in the tweet’s clever description.</p>
<p>Twitter users responded to the message almost after, with IFS officer Praveen Kaswan making the amusing remark, “With this kind of liquidity, you will need extra security, sir.”</p>
<p>Internet users contributed their ideas and engaged in the entertainment. One commenter sarcastically suggested buying Suzlon stock, which is recognized for its potential for double returns. Another user emphasized the advantages of booking airline tickets via Ixigo Assured, which ensures a sizeable return in the event of a cancellation. Some others even proposed purchasing an election bond as a kind present for the minister of aviation.</p>
<p>An individual on Twitter questioned the validity of the charges and the imposition of a GI cancellation fee on top of a non-refundable convenience fee. They classified it as a possible con.</p>
<p>Over 5.27 lakh Twitter users have seen the tweet since it was posted, demonstrating the post’s viral potential and the wide-spread enjoyment it inspired.</p>
<p>The story serves as a reminder of the sometimes obscene cancellation fees levied by airlines and the humor that may be found in such circumstances. Many people found Kumar’s humorous perspective on his little return to be relatable, which sparked a rush of responses and entertaining recommendations for his meager money.</p>
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