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Strong Indian Golf Team Aims for Medals at the Asian Games

<p>Anirban Lahiri and Aditi Ashok are among the seven-person Indian golf squad that will be competing in the Asian Games here on Thursday, and they will be hoping to continue their current excellent form.</p>
<p>While the women’s squad includes Olympian Aditi, Pranavi Urs, and Avani Prashanth, Shubhankar Sharma, Khalin Joshi, and SSP Chawrasia will be heading an experienced group of Indian players under Lahiri.</p>
<p>Lahiri and Sharma received automatic spots in the men’s division, whereas Aditi received the same honor in the women’s division.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-205318″ src=”” alt=” ramkumar ramanathan and rutuja bhosale leave the asian games tennis quarterfinals” width=”1236″ height=”926″ srcset=” 259w,–150×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1236px) 100vw, 1236px” title=”Strong Indian Golf Team Aims for Medals at the Asian Games 3″></p>
<p>Men’s competitors Joshi and Chawrasia and women’s Pranavi and Avani qualified via the Indian Golf Union’s (IGU) amateur and professional qualifications.</p>
<p>Lahiri, the lone member of this group with an Asian Games medal, did so in 2006 when he earned a team silver as an amateur.</p>
<p>“That was an amazing feeling,” he reflected.</p>
<p>He said, “Obviously, having the chance to play again in the Asian Games is quite exciting for me. To represent the nation is a big honor. It’s apparent that I treasure and anticipate it.</p>
<p>This doesn’t happen very often. As a result, it’s always a really significant occasion for me. I am excited to spend time with the group. Some of them I don’t actually know that well.</p>
<p>“SSP (Chawrasia) is a very great buddy to my male team teammates. Together, we completed the 2016 Olympics. My good friend Shubhankar and I have played a lot of games together. For Khalin (Joshi), I believe it will be an unfamiliar experience.</p>
<p>So, yeah, we are all looking forward to it, and winning medals would be the best thing for Indian golf.</p>
<p>The golf team’s oldest participant, who has competed in two Olympic Games (Rio in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020), said, “All of us, both the girls and the guys, are a powerful team. There are those of us who are in excellent shape. And in light of situations like these, I believe that’s crucial.</p>
<p>Lahiri has a history of top-3 finishes on the LIV Tour and the International Series on the Asian Tour, while Sharma had the best-ever Indian result in the British Open in 2023 with a top-10 finish.</p>
<p>Yes, I believe we can return with a few medals. I use the word “a few” because I believe that both men and women have excellent chances in each of the four individual and team competitions. We’ll be focusing on it, Lahiri added.</p>
<p>Lahiri’s colleague at the Rio Olympics, Chawrasia, who has six professional championships from the Asian and European Tours, will be competing in his debut Asian Games.</p>
<p>Sharma became professional a few years after failing to make the squad for the Asian Games in 2010. He will compete in a multi-discipline competition as India’s first representative.</p>
<p>Khalin Joshi, a buddy from their younger years, will also compete in his first Asian Games.</p>
<p>On the Ladies European Tour, where she won the Kenya Ladies Open and is now ranked fourth on the Order of Merit, Aditi Ashok has been in excellent form. On the Ladies PGA (LPGA) Tour, the most competitive Tour in the world, she has also shown great consistency.</p>
<p>I’ve had a wonderful season so far, and I’m eager to compete at the Asian Games, said Aditi. Being at home in the middle of the season to prepare for the Games is a great change. I’ve been focusing on every area of my game and working hard at the gym.</p>
<p>Aditi participated in the Asian Games in 2014 as an amateur and subsequently in the Olympics in 2016 and 2020. She placed fourth in 2020 Tokyo, keeping the whole country captivated to the tournament on television.</p>
<p>“I consider myself fortunate to have participated in Incheon 2014 both as an amateur and this time as a professional. In Hangzhou, I’m hoping to put together four solid rounds,” she said.</p>
<p>While Avani Prashanth, the sole amateur on the team, won the renowned Queen Sirikit Cup in Manila this year, Pranavi has been competing on the Epson Tour, the second-level Tour in the US. While still an amateur, she triumphed in a professional competition in Europe.</p>
<p>There will be four rounds in the contest.</p>
<p>Khalin Joshi, Shubhankar Sharma, SSP Chawrasia, and Anirban Lahiri are members of the Indian squad, while Aditi Ashok, Pranavi Urs, and Avani Prashanth are women.</p>
<p>1982 Delhi: Team Gold (Lakshman Singh, Rajiv Mohta, Rishi Narain, and Amit Luthra); Lakshman Singh (Gold Individual);</p>
<p>Shiv Kapur (Gold Individual), 2002 Busan;</p>
<p>Silver Team (Anirban Lahiri, Gaganjeet Bhullar, Joseph Chakola, and Chiragh Kumar) from the 2006 Doha Olympics;</p>
<p>Silver Team (Rashid Khan, Rahul Bajaj, Abhijeet Singh Chaddha, and Abhinav Lohan) from 2010 Guangzhou.</p>

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